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COMING SOON! Chocolate Buds Protein Powder!!


For months now Harrison Food Group’s Bud’s Cricket Power Team has been hitting the ground, wheeling and dealing cricket powder around the country.  We realized that there were so many opportunities to get Bud’s Cricket [...]

COMING SOON! Chocolate Buds Protein Powder!!2018-10-24T03:10:27+00:00

Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Released by Crickets


Agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change. http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/363/1492/789 2008 Study Agriculture accounts for 52% of human-emitted methane and 84% human-emitted nitrous oxide According to the EPA, these greenhouse gases have 28 and [...]

Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Released by Crickets2018-09-18T14:43:39+00:00

The Cricket Farm


Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our partners in Thailand work hand in hand with Farmers to raise crickets that produce a premium product, utilizing communities with decades of experience rearing crickets The crickets themselves are [...]

The Cricket Farm2018-09-18T14:21:23+00:00


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