For months now Harrison Food Group’s Bud’s Cricket Power Team has been hitting the ground, wheeling and dealing cricket powder around the country.  We realized that there were so many opportunities to get Bud’s Cricket Power into our diets and daily Routines.  We decided to develop a Buds Cricket Protein Powder with sweet chocolately goodness that you can mix with a glass of water or milk.  This will make Bud’s all the more accessible with just a couple easy steps.


It makes sense too!  Bud’s is great for a post workout! Bud’s Cricket Power contains a substantial supply of all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein.  You will receive the nutritional benefits of iron, calcium and omega 3s with the perfect 1 for 3 ratio with Omega 6 fatty acids.


As mentioned many times before crickets provide an environmentally-friendly sustainable method of getting protein that one cannot experience through consuming whey or other dairy based proteins.  Our new Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cricket Protein Powder contains all the benefits of cricket powder, plus the convenience of being able to add water and enjoy.


Get ready to try Bud’s Cricket Protein Powder today!!