Bud’s Whole Roasted Crickets (15g)


The perfect ingredient if you enjoy cooking and need something new to experiment with. Between whole crickets’ earthy flavor, crunchy texture, and impressive high protein nutritional profile, they’re the perfect addition to your kitchen.

    • DIP YOUR TOES – Not sure how you feel about edible insects? This small 15g pouch gives you the perfect opportunity to try edible insects without getting too much. Plus an added seasoning to help the cricket legs go down
    • VERSATILE – Put these edible insects in trail mix, yogurt, dips, or any recipe you want
    • SUSTAINABLE: Ethically raised crickets sourced from Thailand’s best cricket farm where their full life cycle is fulfilled
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  • Sustainably and humanely raised house crickets(Acheta domesticus)
  • Great for hikes or just a healthy snack on the go!
  • Crickets are a sustainable source of nutrition and flavor. Crickets and many other insects use considerable less resources, land, water and feed to produce relative to traditional forms of livestock. Crickets also emit a negligible amount of greenhouse gases.
  • ALLERGEN WARNING: If you have a shellfish allergy, you may be sensitive to this product. CONTAINS:
  • Product of Thailand
  • Ingredients: House Crickets (Acheta domesticus)


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