Combo Pack – Bud’s Cricket Powder & Whole Roasted Crickets (45g/15g)


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  • DIP YOUR TOES – Not sure how you feel about edible insects? This combo pack gives you the perfect opportunity to give them a try! Combo pack includes one 45g pouch of cricket powder, and one 15g pouch of whole roasted crickets.
  • VERSATILE – Mix whole crickets in trail mix, yogurt, dips, or any recipe you want! Use cricket powder to bake, mix, blend and sprinkle extra protein into cookies, brownies, shakes and more!
  • SUSTAINABLE: Ethically raised crickets sourced from Thailand’s best cricket farm where their full life cycle is fulfilled
  • ALLERGEN WARNING: If you have a shellfish allergy, you may be sensitive to this product

Out of stock

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Bud’s Whole Roasted Crickets are a versatile, nutritious, and sustainable way to impress your friends and prove you’re the most adventurous eater in the room. Whole crickets can be used in a variety of recipes, including dips, spreads, rice bowls, parfaits, salads, soups, seasoning mixes and more. Use them for their earthy flavor or simply to add some extra crunch!

Crickets are an extremely nutrient rich source of protein, up to 65% protein per bug! Crickets also contain all 9 essential amino acids, Vitamin B12, chitin which promotes gut health, and iron which helps combat fatigue. Crickets are one of the most sustainable protein sources available on the planet. Per pound of protein, crickets use substantially less water, feed, and produce fewer carbon greenhouse gases than beef, chicken, and pork.


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