The Cricket Farm

  • Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Our partners in Thailand work hand in hand with Farmers to raise crickets that produce a premium product, utilizing communities with decades of experience rearing crickets
  • The crickets themselves are reared in upscale facilities that meet American and European standards for hygiene. It is a fundamental belief of ours, that crickets reared in an environment with plenty of space to grow and feed results in happier crickets that produce better cricket flour.
  • The farm is a closed system with intense traceability, temperature and humidity control.
  • These crickets are free of pollutants, chemicals, traces of hormones or antibiotics, heavy metals or pesticides.
  • The crickets are fed on a natural mix of full fat soybean, broken mill rice, rice bran, sweet corn and pumpkins.
  • Our partners are GMP-certified and are registered with the Thai and US FDA and are in the process of getting a HACCP certification.
  • The price paid for the cricket flour is more than the average price the crickets are sold for in Thailand. This allows the farmers to increase their income and reinvest into their businesses to continue to produce a high-quality product.