As we grapple with such an exciting new product that boasts sustainability and efficiency much needed in our food system, we are faced with an obvious question; what exactly are we supposed to do with cricket powder?  Perhaps, there are some uses that can be more easily adopted than others.  So before we dive into cricket powdered chicken, or an elegant cricket infused crème brulee(which we will dive into, literally and figuratively), let us look first to the simplest lowest-hanging fruit.


How to use cricket powder?  Well, it does have a lot of protein, it is a powder, one would not be so bold in calling it a protein powder.  So we could do what we do with a lot of protein powders? We toss a heaping spoonful of the powder into smoothies and shakes as “boosters” for a quick post workout or fulfilling midday snack.


On the surface this may seem like a strictly utilitarian approach drowning the cricket flavor and excitement into a smoothie.  This does not have to be the case, there could be great marketing opportunities for smoothie shops to entice customers in the door to try insect infused smoothies.  Even better a smoothie vendor can do this and still take advantage of the cricket’s unsuspectingly great taste.


A smoothie booster could be an ideal method to introduce the general population to crickets; the insect that some in the entomophagy industry have repeatedly called the “gateway bug”.  So before making intense eye contact with all eight tarantula eyes, before chomping down on a nice big arachnid thorax (not as bad as one might think), try powdered crickets in your smoothie (then graduate to tarantulas).


Crickets have a stronger flavor than some people might think.  The deep umami flavor that crickets boast has often been described as having a hint of cocoa powder.   Trying the powder in chocolatey and peanut buttery smoothies and shakes may be a great first hit.  If trying this, notice the cricket taste that lingers just barely after the chocolatey flavor dissipates…not bad huh?


You could try cricket powder in basically any smoothie and it would enhance the flavor of the drink if the appropriate amount is used.  You could still get your protein boost with all of the sustainability and nutrition that comes with it.  So what are you waiting for?  Try a Buds-Powered Smoothie today!