Who are we?

We are Harrison Food Group.  We believe that while the fundamental reason humans eat food is for sustenance, the consumption of food has evolved into something much more.  It is at the core of our social fabric, the center of our family structure and provides pleasure, culture and merriment. Everywhere in the world, people farm, cook and consume food that has evolved culture to culture, generation to generation.

It is with this spirit we aim to bring to market the next generation of evolved foods and ingredients from every corner of the globe, put together with new techniques, new flavors, developed and harvested in a sustainable way with the problems of the twenty first century in mind.

We begin this journey with a category of foods that is familiar to many and outlandish to some, edible insects.  In general edible insects are incredibly efficient, nutritious and yes tasty but we would be ill-informed to paint them with a broad brush.  With millions of species of insects, they all taste, feel and look different.  It is a whole new gastronomical frontier in food and culinary production and we are excited about it.

We start where the old meets the new.  Bud’s Cricket Power.  Bud’s Cricket Power is a nutritional powder produced from 100 percent farm raised crickets, sustainably grown in communities that have grown crickets for food for generations.   The crickets are humanely killed by way of freezing, dehydrated, cooked and ground into a fine powder.  This powder can be baked into baked goods, put into smoothies and more for a protein boost.  Stay tuned for more products used with Bud’s Cricket Power.